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Vince Sant

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Our Gift To You!

There are only a few great supplements on the market that are worth your money, the rest are absolute junk. So before you go to a supplement store and load up on a bunch of stuff, please read my guide and get educated on what is right for you. I put together this guide to help you navigate through all the sales and marketing BS you get pummeled with every day so you can pick the very few things that can actually make a difference.


Custom Diet and Training Plans

Here is the run down on how my custom diet plans work. As diet is 80% of getting in great shape, these custom diet plans are the corner stone to making your fitness goals a reality!

Get Results Faster

We offer 8, and 12 week customized diet plans. Your diet/training plan will be created by one of our certified nutritionists based on a detailed questionnaire so we can construct the ultimate diet strategy to help you hit your fitness goals as fast as humanly possible.

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No cookie cutter/one size fits all workout regimen bullshit. Everything is based off your questionnaire, your current fitness level and your goals.

V Shred University

V Shred University

Membership Has Its Benefits!

How would you like to have a new workout and new diet plan sent to you every month based on your body type and fitness goal?

How would you like to have members only access to hundreds of the most cutting edge exercise, nutrition, and supplement tutorials with new videos updated every month?

How would you like to be part of a private community of like minded people who keep you motivated and share what’s working and what isn’t?

How would you like to have access to Vince and our training team where you can ask any question and get it answered live?

...Welcome to V Shred University!

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