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20-Minutes to Set Your Metabolism Ablaze for Up to 48-Full Hours… At Home... With Zero Equipment.

MOVE makes going to the gym obsolete…

Strong words, right?

Well, what else would you say about a 100% done-for-you program that can help you:

  • Burn fat without suffering through painful, mind-numbing cardio…
  • Build lean, toned, strong muscle in your legs, arms, shoulders, back, and hips… at home with zero equipment
  • Lose stubborn body fat in less than 20-minutes per day
  • Rapidly reshape your body, 100% at home, in just 30-days
  • Sculpt a tight, lean belly without starvation diets or choking down “health” foods that you hate
  • Stop “dieting”… and start losing losing fat fast with meals you’ll actually look forward to eating


We didn’t create MOVE to be like most at-home programs: nothing more than a passable substitute for working out at the gym..

No… we made MOVE to be SUPERIOR to going to the gym…

Superior to simple cardio…

Superior to cookie-cutter diets that try to starve the weight off of you…


MOVE’s workouts are:

  • Up to 5X’s more effective than traditional cardio (according to a study by the University of Auburn, these brief workouts burn fat at a much faster rate, in a fraction of the time it takes to slog through endless traditional cardio)
  • Built to be done in the comfort of your own home (you need absolutely no equipment)
  • Instantly customizable (adjust the workouts to your experience and energy level in a flash)
  • 100% Done-for-You (you’ll know exactly what you need to do every single step of the way - zero guesswork)
  • Fast, fun, effective (your workouts constantly change. In fact, you’ll never do the same workout twice! This keeps your body from plateauing, and your mind from getting bored doing the same ol’exercises over and over…)
  • Designed to burn fat while also building lean muscle (yes, it is finally possible to do both at the same time at home)
  • Brief… with incredible, long-lasting effects (many of the MOVE workouts take less than 15-minutes yet keep your body burning fat for up to 48-hours after every workout)
  • Paired with a full library of follow-along workout videos (exclusive, members-only how-to and follow along videos will have you feeling like I’m right by your side, working out with you and coaching you, right in your living room)
  • Instantly accessible (no waiting for DVD’s or books… you can get started with your workouts instantly)


Here’s the coolest part though… the workouts are only half of the reason MOVE gives you such rapid results…

See, your body needs special workouts to get your fat burning machinery kick-started.

However, without the right diet for your body, you’ll simply spin your wheels.

Worse yet, most diets aimed at people like you who want to lose weight quickly, are little more than starvation diets.

They don’t work. They make you miserable. And they can harm your body.

But guess what…

When you have a fun, flexible, easy to follow diet plan filled with healthy foods you actually like eating, you can melt fat darn-near around the clock.


  • Designed to specifically give your body the fuel it needs to burn as much fat as possible and build lean, toned muscle
  • Full of delicious foods that are easy to find at the store, simple to prepare, and most importantly… that you actually like eating.
  • Packed with over 50-delicious, chef-designed recipes that are ultra easy to prepare at home with simple ingredients
  • Flexible - you’ll never feel deprived. With a flexible plan, you can indulge occasionally and still lose weight rapidly
  • Designed for both rapid, and long-term results (this meal plan is easy to adapt to long-term use so you can lose the weight, then keep it off without ever needing to struggling with crash diets or suffering through eating things you hate just to look good)
  • 100% Done for you - you’ll never need to wonder what you’ll eat next… every meal is laid out perfectly for you, with tons of flexibility in food choices, too
  • Includes easy to use calorie and macro calculator

MOVE - 100% Guaranteed to Reshape Your Body

We’re so confident that MOVE will help you quickly burn off 5, 7, or 11+lbs in just 30-days that we’re offering it to you with an iron-clad, 100% 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Look, we know that you’re going to fall in love with your new body… that in just 30-days you’ll be stronger, more toned, and a whole lot leaner.

However, if for whatever reason you’re not blown away by your rapid results, simply email us and we’ll gladly refund your investment in full.

You’re probably skeptical.

You should be.

After all, how many at-home programs have you seen pop up out of nowhere lately?

The reality is that those fly-by-night programs weren’t created by a team of nutritional and exercise experts with 50+ years of combined experience… and over 3,000,000 satisfied customers.

That’s why you can try MOVE absolutely risk-free for a full 60-days…

However, we’re not stopping there.

Because we want to make this decision a total no-brainer you’re also going to get:



6 Pack Shred

6-Pack Shred, the ab sculpting program designed to strengthen your core while helping you burn stubborn belly fat.

6-Pack Shred is especially effective at scorching that last bit of lower-belly fat that “pooch” that never seems to wanna leave, no matter how much weight you lose. Well, even fat that stubborn can’t survive the workouts in 6-Pack shred.

This program usually sells for $47, but it’s yours absolutely free…

Recipe Guide

Oh, and to make your meal plan even more fun and easy to follow, you’ll also receive the ultra-popular V Shred Recipe Guide.

This guide was created by a professional chef to focus on flavor, be nutrient dense, and be super easy to make at home. Dozens of recipes that can be made quickly, with simple ingredients. No blowing half your paycheck at an overpriced health food store for exotic ingredients to make food that you don’t even like.

The V Shred Recipe Guide goes for $37, but this too is yours absolutely free if you join MOVE today.

The recipes in the guide can be seamlessly incorporated into your meal plan and mixed and matched with the 50-chef designed recipes included with MOVE.

V Shred FB Groups

Plus, when you get MOVE today, you will also gain access to an exclusive, private, members-only Facebook Group (Men and Women each have their own private group!)

These groups are packed with V Shred trainers, nutritional experts, and your fellow MOVE’ers, who are there to help you every step of the way.

Studies by psychologists show that you can reach a goal up to 300% faster when working with a coach. Well, how fast can you have your dream body when you have a whole team behind you, pushing you, helping you, guiding you until you have the body you’ve always wanted.

Get MOVE Right Now, Risk Free and You’ll Be Enjoying Your Brand New Body in Just 30-Days…

Fun workouts that take less than 20mins… that can be done at home with zero equipment… and burn fat for up to 48-hours after each session… combined with a flexible, easy-to-follow diet featuring healthy foods you love eating?

Plus your own private Facebook group, 6-Pack Shred to help beat belly fat, and the recipe guide to make losing fat while eating great foods super simple...

You can not go wrong!

Grab your 100% money-back guaranteed, risk-free copy of MOVE now and you’ll be enjoying your best body ever just 30-days from now

You can have it all… the flexible, done-for-you diet… the step-by-step, follow along at home workouts customized for you…

for just $47

  • The 50-Chef designed recipes
  • The 6-Pack Shred Program
  • And the V Shred Recipe Guide
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
* Plus applicable sales tax


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